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The Liturgy of the Angels

As our services for last Sunday approached, we saw the planning of four services for Advent IV and Christmas Eve (all on the same day!), the altar guild orchestrations for the greening of the church, planning the transition from Advent IV to Christmas Eve (all on the same day!), the deep choral and liturgical preparations and practice, the printing and printing and printing of the bulletins, a full mobilization of the Christmas Pageant: costumes, rehearsing, scripting, blocking; and as the parish transforms, as the busy-ness crescendos, the community joins to welcome the Christ.

I see in all these caring efforts throngs of angels, flocks of shepherds, loving nostalgia and the new excitement of children. He comes! He comes! Rejoice! Alleluia.

And at the same time, a deeper Christmas, as I see those constrained to be in their homes, in care facilities, in illness, even in death. To this flock, for whom this parish cares, I see angels coming to them, bearing cards, flowers, companionship, communion and hope -- lights in the darkness to the beloved of the church. God is with us.

Rest well, ye merry; dismay not. Unto us a child is born. A new year comes. Let light and peace be upon us all.



Chapel Chats: Your clergy love to hear from you and welcome the opportunity to talk on the Chapel Porch, inside, or come to you for a visit. Please reach out to Fr. CJ to set up a conversation. Rev. Nancy is away until Jan. 27.

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