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Spiritual Companions - A Summer Opportunity

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Dear Friends,

We will begin our congregation-wide sabbatical time on Sept. 1. The theme for the sabbatical is Renewing Joy: Baptized by Water and the Spirit. I will explore this theme away from Concord, and you all, with the guidance of Rev. Christopher Whiteman and the Rev. Cathy George, will walk this journey together here. More information about the sabbatical is forthcoming, and you may always reach out to me with your questions at

To prepare for the sabbatical we have reading opportunities together. I have adopted some Spiritual Companions for the journey and invite you to join me. I will be reading and praying and looking forward to conversations about how we live into our baptismal promises as baptized people. Rev. Christopher will be leading a book study about Christian faith, using a book by former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. We are delighted to be able to offer a "buffet" of perspectives, and ways to engage both in-person and virtually. Please order your copies through the Concord Book Shop,, your public library or wherever you source your books. We look forward to talking with you as we all prepare for a time of Renewing Joy by water and the Spirit!

Here are the books:

The Seeker and the Monk: Conversations with Thomas Merton, by Sophronia Scott

In Person Conversation, Thursday, June 23 at 1 pm on the Elm St. porch. No sign up needed. All are welcome.

The Dream of God: A Call to Return, by Verna Dozier

In person conversation on Wed. July 20 at 1 pm on the Elm St. porch. No sign up needed. All are welcome.

A House United: How the Church can Save the World, by Allen Hilton

In person conversation on Wed. August 17 at 1 pm on the Elm St. porch. No sign up needed. All are welcome.

Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to Christian Belief, by Rowan Williams

A series of Zoom conversations. If you wish to sign up for this offering please do so here. Christian Belief Sign Up.

I look forward to being Spiritual Companions together this summer, in reading and in prayer!

In Christ,


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