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My Window

Dear friends,

Rev. Nancy kindly invited me to provide a reflection for The Window this week. I will begin with a reflection on my window, which you see in the photograph. It is the view from my office at the church (do not clean your screen, the photograph is taken through a window screen!). On the left of this view we see the building that houses the church offices and parish hall - the operational heart of Trinity, and to the right, the chapel, the ancient soul of Trinity's worship and history. Between the two is a wandering path that joins and progresses these two aspects of our church on their and on our journey. Beyond is the town, our community; there is the flowing river that reminds us of our baptism; above are the heavens, our eternal home! We see the yet green plants and trees, God's gift of nature, and the greenery matches the Green, Ordinary time of our lectionary worship: a time to emerge, grow, and re-create.

All this as we gather to begin a new season of our collective worship and church life, and these will warm us through the coming autumn and winter, and through the Advent of new birth and new hope.

I rejoice to join you in this wonderful time, as we found our passions and our worship in the loving truths of the gospel, and in our common love of Christ, in which we discover that we are ourselves LOVED.

All peace,

C J+

Chapel Chats: Chapel Chats are back! Your clergy love to hear from you and welcome the opportunity to talk on the Chapel Porch, inside, or come to you for a visit. Please reach out to Rev. Nancy or Fr. CJ to set up a conversation.

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