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Holy is this fire of midsummer

"Holy is this fire of midsummer, and holy are you, O God.

From your burning heart you drew forth a fiery ball and flung it into space.

Your laughter shook the empty cosmos and echoed again and again

until the darkness of space resounded with your love and with fire.

You reached in again and drew forth fire and seeded it like yeast

in each atom, plant and animal, each bird, fish, man, and woman.

And you gave us a special star, our sun, aflame with a life-evoking energy

to make our planet green and fertile,

sun-soaked in your love."

— Taken from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim by Edward Hays

Photo: N. Hagner, Longport NJ 2022


Over the summer, we will offer images and perhaps a few words for your reflection. Summer offers a season to renew your faith often in beautiful places, by the sea, by a lake, in the mountains, or in your own garden. May we know God in all the places we find ourselves, and know ourselves to be beloved in His Creation.

Rev. Nancy and Fr. CJ

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