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Big and Small

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, 

In the photo you can see the tiny Easter basket I planted on March 3 along with our children and youth on ALL IN Sunday.  The grass appeared really quickly, so much so that I’ve already “given it a haircut” three times!  Even though this is the smallest of Easter baskets, it seems to contain big ideas, too….the promise of Easter,  the persistence of life, new life from from seeds that fell into the earth.  What other small things offer big blessings and symbolize big things in our lives and in our faith journey? 

  • Perhaps your wedding ring–a small piece of jewelry that represents a big commitment, a promise, the journey of life with another person? The complex emotions of putting it away in circumstances of divorce or death.  

  • The cross you wear around your neck?  Symbol of Resurrection, healing, and hope.  An identifying signal of where you put your trust and hope. 

  • The little Maranyundo Lenten Mite Boxes – my small contribution of loose change contributing to life transforming education for girls in Rwanda?  

  • Car keys – freedom for a newly licensed driver, and a symbol of human limitation when one relinquishes them.

  • The friendly smile and hello when you accept  the grocery cart offered by a fellow shopper in the parking lot – the smallest of gestures, yet a reminder that we are all in this together; you are not alone. 

I’m sure you can think of many more examples of when small is actually big! In these final weeks of Lent, may you notice the small things that are actually big.  The story we tell as we walk with Jesus to the Cross (a big thing) is filled with small details, with people who walk alongside us in their own pain, sorrow, and hopefulness.  How might we notice what appears to be small but is actually big and important for them, for us, for our community of faith? How can we name, lift up and celebrate the ways God is working in our lives in small ways that signal God’s amazing love and grace for us always (a BIG thing)?  Your clergy are here to have conversations about the big and the small in your lives.  Please do reach out to us at any time for conversation, prayer, the Rite of Reconciliation, or simple faithful fellowship. 

Important note on Big and Small:  There is BIG news in our Diocese of Massachusetts this week.  To the rest of the world, the election of a new Episcopal Bishop Diocesan is a small thing, but for us in Eastern Massachusetts, the announcement of the slate of people who have offered themselves to this ministry of Bishop is a big thing.  

Please do read the announcement (please click here) from the Diocese and pray for the people who are on the slate, and for our wider diocesan community as we live into the bishop election in May.  Trinity’s Diocesan Representatives - Brian Litzenberger, April Prewitt, and Barbara Morse (alternate delegate), would welcome your thoughts and prayers about the candidates, as they will be voting on your behalf at the special election in May.  In the Episcopal Church, the Bishop is the spiritual and administrative leader of the diocese.  As God calls someone to be our new bishop, their vision will shape our life together, so this is indeed, a BIG thing!  

Lenten blessings, 


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