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Advent Connections

Dear friends,

Some of you may be familiar with the new “Connections” game that appears each day in the New York Times. I am a big fan of all sorts of puzzles and start my day (right after my morning prayers) with the Spelling Bee, the Mini-Crossword, and now Connections. While the Bee and crossword puzzles are primarily about knowing a lot of words, the challenge in Connections is to find the relationship between groups of words.

I thought it would be fun, on this holiday weekend as we end the church year and get ready for Advent to begin on Dec. 1, to have our own Advent Connections game. You can play by copying this page of 16 words, then grouping them into groups of 4, and labeling why you put them together. On Sunday, Nov. 26 at the 9 a.m. Forum we will reveal the solution in the Parish Hall and learn a bit about Advent, past, present, and future.

Here we go with Advent Connections!

1. Random Words

  • Heaven

  • John

  • White

  • Peace

  • Hope

  • Hell

  • Rose

  • Isaiah

  • Judgment

  • Death

  • Blue

  • Mary

  • Joy

  • Love

  • Elizabeth

  • Purple

2.Your Groupings of 4 words

3.What are the groups you have made? ie, what is the connection between the words you have grouped together?

Advent is a complicated season for many people, and often for the Church. We are preparing our hearts not only for the birth of Christ once again into our hearts, but are also looking for His Second Coming in great glory. Our hope and our joy, our awe and wonder are for the power of God to reconcile all things. May we be awake to the presence of the Holy One in this season and always.

Your sister in Christ,


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