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A Word from our Bishops on last week's death of civilians seeking aid in Gaza

With heavy hearts we grieve the ongoing death of non-combatants in the war in Gaza. In our December statement we urged all members of our diocese to engage in prayer, learning and advocacy regarding this tragic war.

The Episcopal Church’s Office of Public Affairs, along with its Office of Government Relations, has issued this statement with regard to the death on February 29 of more than 100 civilians seeking aid in Gaza. We commend this statement to you, with its further links to resources for action, learning and prayer.

We join with all those calling for an immediate ceasefire which will allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza without harm to those providing or receiving it.

In the Name of the Prince of Peace,

The Rt. Rev. Alan M. Gates

The Rt. Rev. Carol J. W. T. Gallagher


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