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Educating Joy!


Maranyundo Girls School in Rwanda has been Trinity’s international outreach partner for over a decade. Here are a few highlights of our partnership with MGS since 2011:


  • $25,000 anonymous Trinity Donation for a Generator

  • $25,000 Episcopal Diocesan Grant for high school construction

  • Trinity has supported at least 2 students per year since 2012 from Lenten Mite Box collection Burch Ford Scholarships* 

  • Purchased 7 projection screens for middle school classrooms

  • Sent 180 Friendship Bracelets

  • Sent 600 origami bookmarks from our Sunday School children

  • Anonymous donation from a Trinity member for the new high school library

  • Bushel basket of favorite books for the middle school library hand-picked by Trinity church school children


The 2020 pandemic pushed us in a different direction. This worldwide pandemic closed economies, churches, businesses, and schools throughout the world. 

Over the past academic year, Zoom has become a great connector. Trinity helped the Maranyundo girls attend class remotely by providing data plans to 100 students who had to log into school on donated smartphones.  


Our congregation raised $2,000 and every girl who needed a phone received one. The girls sent rave reviews finding the phones a great connection to their school and studies.  Please see sidebar!


In this very strange year of isolation, our Youth Group made personal connections with Joy - yes, that is really her name. Joy is a Maranyundo aluma who attends University of Nebraska along with dozens of other alumnae who are studying agriculture here in the United States. She chose to remain in the U.S. to continue attending classes until in-person options opened again. Joy attended our Youth Group via Zoom meetings last Spring - maintaining a relationship and connection to Trinity during the early days of isolation.

Mooooooving forward: Trinity is having a COW! Or more to the point, our Church School is buying a cow through its Lenten mite box collections. More to come on the purchase and naming of a new dairy cow for MGS.

Our work continues to strengthen this international bond and multiplies Outreach and Youth for a lasting grace.

“If you educate a girl, you educate the nation.”
African Proverb

Friemdship Bracelets.jpg
MGS trio

"To say the truth I was crying when I heard that the school is going to give us a phone to follow our classes. We were struggling with my mum who was unemployed from lockdown time and we didn’t find the solution.


After receiving the phone I was able to receive all assignments and submit my answers. I was able to use the time I had to improve my knowledge and skills. I am therefore very grateful since it was because of your generous actions that I was able to achieve all of that."

(Kellia S4PCM). 

MGS Cap and Gown

* When the late Burch Ford retired as Head of Miss Porter’s School in 2008, she and her beloved Brian moved to Concord and joined Trinity. Within weeks, she was invited to Rwanda to set up the management of Maranyundo Girls School. Upon her return 4 months later, she spoke about MGS at a Trinity Forum. Trinity saw an opportunity to begin a journey in support of the girls at Maranyundo.

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