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Concord Prison Outreach

Trinity has been supplying volunteers and financial support to Concord Prison Outreach since its founding in 1968. A non-profit organization of individuals and faith communities, Concord Prison Outreach is committed to helping people who are incarcerated build better lives for themselves and their families through skill-building, education, and personal growth. 

By offering meaningful opportunities to learn and develop various skills, Concord Prison Outreach facilitates incarcerated individuals in gaining an increased sense of self-confidence and hope that they can transform their lives and have a better chance of success upon leaving prison. 

While the pandemic resulted in the cancellation of all volunteer-run initiatives in the local prisons during the past two years, external programs are beginning to be offered in 2022.  Trinity volunteers are eager to resume their active participation in a variety of programs where they have made a meaningful difference in past years, including the “Read to me, Daddy” project, gardening, horticulture, tutoring, entrepreneurship, and business skills.



Creative Life Foundation

The mission of Creative Life Foundation is to connect vulnerable and marginalized children and parents in urban and rural Thailand to critical resources that create a path to freedom and prevents human trafficking. 

CLF supplies mentors, education resources, scholarships, and other critical resources to vulnerable Thai, migrant, and refugee families in Thailand, with the goal of breaking generational cycles of poverty and exploitation. Trinity began supporting CLF with financial contributions in 2021 and looks forward to participating more directly with the organization in the future.  

Maranyundo Girls School

Trinity parishioners have been supporting the Maranyundo Girls School in Rwanda since before it opened in 2011. The school offers girls an education, regardless of a family’s ability to pay tuition, with the goal of providing a supportive community where students learn respect, responsibility, and leadership for themselves, each other, and the wider community. 

Trinity has supported individual students through scholarships, and the school more broadly with library books and classroom technology. Trinity children and youth have made connections with the school by sending cards, friendship bracelets, and bookmarks.  

The 2020 pandemic provided an opportunity for Trinity to provide mobile devices to Maranyundo students to be able to participate and continue their schooling remotely. 

St. Stephens Youth Programs

For many years Trinity has partnered with St. Stephens Youth Programs, which provides an environment to keep Boston youth safe and healthy within a supportive community and strengthen critical thinking through academics and enrichment. Trinity has provided many meals to St. Stephens youth and supplied full grocery bags to their families, as well as organized summer recreational programming and provided financial support. 




UTEC’s mission is “to ignite and nurture the ambition of our most disconnected young people to trade violence and poverty for social and economic success.” Trinity supports UTEC with financial contributions and looks forward to participating more directly in the future through teaching and mentoring the young men and women who are the focus of this organization. 

UTEC targets youth and young adults in the Merrimack Valley, who are out of school and involved in gang-related or criminal activity and provides real-world employment and project-based educational programming. UTEC’s nationally recognized model meets youth where they are through intensive street outreach, gang peacemaking, and “in-reach” within correctional facilities.