November: COURAGE

What is the bravest thing you have had to do in the past year?

Do you ever find it difficult to be courageous?

What or who inspires you and gives you courage to carry on?


Pre-K - Grade 5

Grade 6-8



The Story of Esther

- How do you think Esther was brave enough to speak up? Why didn't she let fear stop her?

- If Esther was alive today, what do you think she would be doing? How would she be helping?

- What can we do to advocate like Esther did?

Book Pages


Learn what these People of God were able to do when they placed their hope in God and chose to have courage in difficult times:

Children of God Storybook Bible

David (p. 42-45), Esther (p. 50-51), Daniel (p.56-57)

Jesus Storybook Bible:

David (p. 116-135), Daniel (p. 152-159)

Good News Bible or the Message

David (1 Samuel 17:12-24, 32-51), Daniel 6, Esther (2:5-11, 3:1-2, 3:12-14, 4:8-16)


Use the EXAMEN prayer to reflect on courage.

It has 5 steps, so you might like to count them on your fingers:

1. GIVE THANKS for something that was good today
2. ASK FOR HELP with something that scares you at the moment.
3. REFLECT on your day and think about the things that made you feel hopeful and the things that have discouraged you.
4. SAY SORRY for the times you have lacked courage, or discouraged someone.
5. DECIDE how you will keep hold of courage tomorrow.

Do: Stained Glass

Notice this stained glass window of St. George found in our Chapel. He is shown with objects around him (shield, dead dragon) that tell something about the time he chose courage. Do one of these exercises:

Go and Bless Others

  • Collect small stones and decorate them using felt pens or paint: with a heart, a rainbow, or the word, "courage."

  • Remember how young David showed courage when he stood up to Goliath with a small stone.

  • Keep one stone for yourself as a reminder that you can choose courage today.

  • Leave other stones in places for others to find them, or give them to those who need courage right now.

    How else might you help someone who is feeling worried and anxious this week?