What does compassion mean to you?

How do you feel when you see suffering or unhappiness in others?

What could we do in response to the compassion we feel?

What have you noticed in our community that God would want to have changed?

How can you be the change God would like to see in the world?


Pre-K - Grade 5

Grade 6-8


For the littleist ones

Diddy Disciples offers podcasts for babies, toddlers and young children to enjoy simplified Bible lessons filled with imaginative play and song as they are introduced to important faith virtues.

Check out how they present the message of LOVE and COMPASSION through the story of the Good Samaritan.



God's Compassion

In Exodus 34:6, we are given a description of God's character: "Compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, overflowing with loyal love and faithfulness."

  • I wonder why "compassionate" is the very first word used to describe God?

  • I wonder what actions God has taken in response to human suffering over the ages of time?

  • I wonder how God has shown you compassion?

  • I wonder how you will act compassionately today?

Watch this video created by the Bible Project.

Book Pages


Jesus talked a great deal about love, but he showed us many more examples living compassionately. Compassion means to share the suffering of others - not just when we feel like it and not just to those we like - but every day and to all people. Jesus calls us to humble ourselves and serve others who are in need. Take time this month to delve into these lessons:

BE THE FIRST TO LOVE: Sharing God's Plan
Children of God Storybook Bible (p. 100)
The Good News Bible or The Message: Matthew 25:31-40

Children of God Storybook Bible (p. 86)The Good News Bible or
The Message: Luke 15:1-7

LOVE YOUR ENEMY: The Good Neighbor
Children of God Storybook Bible (p. 80)The Good News Bible or The Message: Luke 10:25-37

You can use the Love First lectio to wonder about each lesson through the Lens of Love, the Mirror of Love, and the Window of Love.


Use the EXAMEN prayer to reflect on living a life of love with God's help:

1. GIVE THANKS: Name what was good today.

2. ASK FOR HELP: Who do you know who is struggling at the moment?

3. REFLECT ON YOUR DAY: Where were you able to help those in need? What could you have done but didn't?

4. SAY SORRY: For the times when you struggle to show compassion.

5. DECIDE TO BE THE CHANGE: Ask for God's help to be more aware of who is struggling, to listen more to their needs, and to be brave enough to offer help and support. 

Bless & Go: Cube of Love

A Cube of Love and a set of cards are inside your Easter-in-a-bag! The Cube of Love consists of six statements to put faith in action and to love as Jesus does. Originated by the Focolare Movement, it is a way to focus each day on one of the following: Love everyone, Love one another, Share the other's hurt or joy, Love your enemy, Be the first to love, and Love Jesus in the other. Each statement is described in more detail in your cards. Here is how you can bless others using the Cube of Love and Cards:

Roll the cube in the morning at breakfast and encourage everyone in your family to look that day for instances of that love, or find ways to be that kind of love with others. In the evening, at mealtime or bedtime, talk about what you observed or did.

Once a week, read one card, prayer and the lesson using a bible or story bible. The lessons are also listed in the EXPLORE section above. Wonder together how you see love in the story, how you may have experienced that love yourself, and how you can be that love in the world.