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After 13 years of wonderful, professional and devoted service, our friend, Sandy Quispe, is stepping down as Director of Elementary School Programs at
SSYP and is off on a new adventure...

Hello to all our friends at Trinity Concord,

It is with such a heavy heart that I write to inform you that I will be moving on from St. Stephen's. After nearly 13 years working with the organization I will step down at the end of this week.

I wanted to make sure that you heard the message from me but mainly I wanted to say thank you to each of you and to everyone at Trinity Concord. Thank you for providing warm clothing for our youth over many years. The time your church puts into carefully selecting items that are not only practical but also fashionable year after year is incredible.

Each coat provided our youth with the opportunity to comfortably explore our beautiful city in the winter months. Because of your help our youth had the clothing needed to be able to play ourtide in the snow and even go sledding (some for the first time ever)! Our families are always grateful to be able to receive a great winter coat, hats and gloves yearly. This year more than ever our families have been dealing with a higher state of stress. Thanks to you we were able to reduce some stress and worry around being able to dress children warmly this winter.

Thank you for your contributions with our B-LOVE program. Week after week families are amazed and eternally grateful that we are able to help with feeding their families. And I am left with a sense of amazement at the kindness shown by your parish.

The dedication, organization, and planning that Trinity Concord puts forth yearly to provide an amazing experience for our youth during B-SAFE is nothing but admirable. Each year we are pleasantly surprised by how much thought goes into every activity planned for the day. Walking through your doors and having many of your parishioners greet us as if we were celebrities brings such a joy and light into everyone's face. These are memories that I will always cherish and take with me.

I could go on and on relating how your contributions and collaborations have made an impact with all of our families and youth but it would be too long to read! As I step down I am also training my successor, Ada. Ada is a person who has been a part of our program in many capacities. She has worked with me during the B-SAFE program as a lead counselor, she has been a parent of youth enrolled in our programs, most recently she is part of our Parent Mentor Team and translates all of the meetings that the team holds. She is an amazing fit for this role and I am grateful to be passing on this partnership.

My hope is that the collaboration efforts continue to grow and that we can all contribute to creating a safe and just world for all.


Sandy Quispe

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