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We were able to enhance our partnership with Saint Stephen’s Youth Programs (SSYP) in the following ways:

We gifted $3500 in lieu of the B-Cool week of lunches and Friday day-camp at Trinity. SSYP was able to use those funds to support a modified B-Safe summer program for Boston children in need.

Our own Davids - Tocki and Weiss - ran a food drive to support the SSYP Pandemic Relief Fund that raised an additional $1800 from our congregation to buy groceries distributed to 50 SSYP families. In 70% of the families that SSYP serves, at least one parents is out of work due to the pandemic.

Annual Honor Card Drive to support enrichment programs for young people - led by Carroll Sandel - raised over $2000 to support SSYP B-Ready after-school programs to keep students from falling behind during COVID.

At the end of 2020, another $2000 in restricted outreach funds were directed to St. Stephen's Youth Program Pandemic Relief Fund.

So, over $9500 (20% of our OUTREACH giving) helped us respond to immediate and long-term relationship needs.

When we emerge from the pandemic, Trinity is poised to multiply our financial impact with friends like SSYP by way of time and talent from our entire parish!

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