Journeys in

Outreach & Youth


Completing JOY!

Homecoming – Sunday September 26th!


The Trinity Development Team is pleased to announce the final phase of the capital campaign.


Journeys in Outreach and Youth – will continue in perpetuity at Trinity because of our parish's swift embrace of the capital campaign. But at this critical time for the world and our community, it feels right to bring formal fundraising for JOY to a close. We will celebrate its success at Homecoming and turn our attention to rebuilding our lives together, and to launching the program year this September.

We are still a bit shy of $2 million. Yet with $1.65 pledged and $1.3 already funded within the first months, Trinity is in an enviable position to begin the new program year from a point of great strength: several new outreach partnerships launched and a new youth director on staff!

​Shake hands with (or elbow bump) the Clergy and the Vestry, whose bold vision inspired us to launch JOY.  And please watch your mail and take action as you are able and so moved:

  • Participate in JOY! with a pledge in any amount (4 years to fund)

  • Re-UP with an additional gift (4 years to fund)


And - most importantly - join us with joy (small j) at 81 Elm Street. 

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Lettuce Rejoice

Twenty of us - ages 10 to 75 - put JOY into practice over the weekend at our first Trinity Day at Gaining Ground!

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Perpetuating JOY: Comings & Goings

After 13 years of wonderful, professional and devoted service, our friend, Sandy Quispe, is stepping down as Director of Elementary School Programs at
SSYP and is off on a new adventure...

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Cultivating JOY: Gaining Ground

With Food, Shelter and Education as our aims for Trinity’s Outreach ministries, one $3,000 gift is quite literally seeding the work of Gaining Ground, the Concord farm whose purpose is to give all its nutritious bounty to hunger relief.

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Compounding JOY: St Stephen's Youth Programs

We were able to enhance our partnership with Saint Stephen’s Youth Programs (SSYP) in the following ways:

Multiplying JOY

In living our faith with JOY! - Journeys in Outreach & Youth - each dollar we give is multiplied by Trinity. It is our volunteerism (time) and in-kind support (talent) that enhance the impact and grace of our donations (treasure).

Our true impact exceeds all understanding and is based in faith AND in strategic planning. Parish feedback led the Outreach Task Force to develop a participatory model for supporting both long-time ministry partners as well as some new collaborators.  

Our partners - in general - meet the following thresholds:

  • Food, Shelter and Education ministries

  • Effective management and proven impact

  • Located close enough for hands-on, community building outcomes (e.g. direct volunteerism by all generations of parishioners - with an emphasis on integrating youth and family programming with outreach 

Thus, the question isn’t, “if I give to Trinity, what will be left for other worthy causes that build and serve the community?” The question is, “When I give to Trinity, how does this Christian community multiply the impact of my gifts?”

JOY! Capital Campaign Update

Embracing JOY is the capital campaign to secure funding for Journeys in Outreach and Youth ministries in perpetuity. The $2 million effort was launched in the October 2020 and now stands at $1.65 million in pledges with $1.3 million fully funded. We will bring active fundraising to a close this summer so that we can turn our attention and energy to rebuilding community activity in a new program year.

83% of GOAL

$350,000 TO GO!