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 Building Joy!


Trinity elected to make OUTREACH a major priority at the 2020 vestry retreat. Once the power of COVID had begun to reveal itself, we targeted food and housing insecurity ministries and sought ways to invest in partnerships to help our brothers and sisters in need.


Habitat for Humanity Lowell presented a special opportunity with a property in West Concord. Given years of effective management and alignment with our mission, Habitat became a natural ministry partner for Trinity. By way of background, Habitat applicants must qualify for a mortgage and provide hundreds of hours of “sweat equity” towards helping to refurbish their new homes. The two wonderful families who will occupy the refurbished homes in Concord have already been working closely with Habitat to assist in the renovation process.


Our vestry and clergy immediately recognized the opportunity to serve and approved a $10,000 grant towards this project’s realization. In addition to its financial contribution, Trinity also committed to sending volunteers to assist at the building site. Our first build day was on July 31st and a team of twelve descended on 930 Main Street. 


According to the team leader, Marc Ubaldino, Trinity put in about 50 hours of labor:

  1. completed some stripping and re-sheathing on both sides of the house

  2. stabilized the corner of the roof where the foundation is being replaced

  3. organized tools and supplies in the tool shed (for future volunteers)

  4. cleared brush

  5. leveled and tamped the basement floor footing and laid a few courses of insulation


Peter built his Church on "this rock"... we helped build this house on our rock -- our community of Concord and Trinity and partners. 


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell is a well-organized, collaborative, and supportive partner to Trinity. The staff and homeowners are grateful for Trinity’s financial commitment and volunteer support.  We too are grateful for these ministry partners who help us live our faith in outreach.


In times of deep uncertainty this is one of the things we are doing: Love God. Love Neighbor.

One old house becomes two new homes for families, and the transformation for them and us passes understanding.

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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell (HFHGL) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works without discrimination to strengthen families in 16 Northern Middlesex communities by bringing people together to build and repair safe, energy efficient, affordable homes, communities and hope.

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