Embracing Joy!

In 2020, Trinity made a bold commitment to our future with Embracing JOY! (Journeys in Outreach & Youth): a 4-year, $2 million capital campaign to fund Outreach and Youth ministries in perpetuity.


In the most difficult year in recent memory, the parish has responded with $1.6 million in written commitments and of that, $1,000,000 is already funded! With 80% of goal committed in 4 months, we - all of us at Trinity - have responded generously to a vital question about our future,


"How deep is our commitment to Outreach and Youth at Trinity?"


During 2020, Trinity deepened ministry partnerships with through Journeys in Outreach & Youth (JOY!). In living our faith through JOY, each gift we give is not filtered through Trinity but multiplied by Trinity where our volunteerism (time) and our in-kind support (talent) enhance the impact and grace of our dollars (treasure).

We look forward to bringing you the stories of JOY this year where increased intergenerational volunteerism and youth ministries coalesce around Journeys in Outreach and Youth.

As ever, if and when you're inclined, we invite you to commit to the campaign and all of the other opportunities to derive AND give JOY at Trinity.

John and Martha Stone

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