October: HOPE

What or who gives you hope?

Can you think of anyone who might need hope right now? 
What could you do to help their hope to grow?


Pre-K - Grade 5

Grade 6-8


Parable of the Mustard Seed

Hope is like a very small seed, like a mustard seed. It can start out very small but as we trust in God's goodness and grace, our hope grows, and on days when we are low in hope, we can still feel safe, like the birds, and live in God's hope.  

Book Pages


Learn what these People of God were able to do when they placed their hope in God:

Children of God Storybook Bible

Noah (p. 16), Samuel & David (p. 40,42) 

Jesus Storybook Bible:

Noah (p. 38), Samuel & David (p. 117)

Good News Bible or the Message

Noah (Genesis 6 - 9), Samuel (1 Samuel 3), David (1 Samuel 16)


Use the EXAMEN prayer to reflect on your hopes.

It has 5 steps, so you might like to count them on your fingers:

1. GIVE THANKS for something that was good today
2. ASK FOR HELP with something you have lost hope for
3. REFLECT on your day and think about the things that made you feel hopeful and the things that felt unhopeful
4. SAY SORRY for the times you gave up hope, or took away someone else’s hope
5. DECIDE how you will keep hold of hope tomorrow

Do: Cross of Hope

cross of hope.jpg

The people of El Salvador and Honduras are known for painting on crosses colorful images of life that give them hope in their everyday lives—sun, land, village, family, home, animals...

  • Draw a large cross on a piece of paper.

  • Then draw pictures or name some of the things or people that give you hope that the future will be better.

  • Maybe take a walk and take pictures to stick on your cross, too!

Go and Bless Others


Seeds carry the promise of hope that when planted they will grow and flourish. Seeds are hope carriers.

When you smile to another

when you say thank you many times each day

when you offer words of encouragement to another person

When you step out of yourself and lift up the other person first.

Who will you bring hope to this day?